O Wow Moo Cow

The day was warm and the sun shone brightly as two cars wound their way through 611 South. Lake Nockamixon was the destination on this fine late summer day and so far the day was proving to be mighty fine indeed. The weekend plans were in full swing, a morning ride and some paddle boarding on Saturday and a day with the kayaks scheduled for Sunday. A full day of play at “the Nock” was underway. We planned a lunch break between our outdoor adventures and pulled into the Haycock Boat launch area and began to unload our bikes. As we were getting ready for our morning ride, one that takes mountain bikers through a series of twists and turns, mild climbs and descents and through the woods of Bucks County, a question was overheard. “You hitting Moo?” The response was, “Oh yeah, looking forward to a burger and a shake.” Our curiosity was peaked as this had already been recommended as our “must go to” lunch stop.

We had sampled OwowCow on a similar biking excursion last fall while still discovering the lake and all that it has to offer, but Moo never crossed my mind. Located just a short distance from OwowCow along Durham Road/Route 412, the parking lot out front plays host to a number of vehicles that judging by their equipment racks, are owned by others who take their play time just as seriously as we. After riding around the trails for a few hours our appetites were ready for the next stage of our day.

Moo is the brainchild of owner Evan Asoudegan, whose previous culinary enterprise had been the Moo Truck frequently seen in Carousel Village in Wrightstown. The Moo Truck is still available for catered events however Asoudegan’s focus now is the humble and inviting 46 seat brick and mortar eatery and a secondary location in new Hope.The menu is simple and at first glance may even seem limited, however don’t let that fool you. What you will find is fast food with a local flair, the very best of farm to table simplicity for hungry outdoor enthusiasts that need to fuel up before or after enjoying at play. On the wall hang portraits of farmers who’s efforts you are about to consume, from potatoes that are hand cut, to become your fresh and crispy fries, to the organic meat, hand shaped and seasoned into delicious and perfectly portioned burgers that are griddle seared. Tallman Family Farms, Applegate Organic, Blue Moon Acres and Simply Grazin’ Organic Farm all provide the ingredients that go into their very simple yet satisfying menu.

Knowing that the paddle boards awaited, we kept lunch simple and light, each of us opting for a burger with a milk shake. Within a brief period of time, our burgers, piping hot off the flattop arrived along with our thick milk shakes. One bite was all I needed to be hooked and thankfully I would be meeting a few friends at Moo for a little lunch before hitting the lake the following day. Juicy, flavorful and fresh, the Moo burger is the ideal size for it’s bun and can be topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, bacon and Moo’s own version of special sauce. Our shakes, delicious and thick were the right beverage choice and in this environment, harkened back to the days of car hops and drive -ins. When one typically thinks of a meal consisting of a burger and milk shakes it is easy to assume that the heavy weighed down feeling will kick in shortly thereafter. Quite the opposite is what you will find at Moo. The portions are just enough to refresh and refuel for what may lie ahead throughout the rest of your day. In our case, it was paddle boards and more play time on “the Nock.”

Sunday started in much the same way with a beautiful drive down 611 to meet a few friends at Moo for lunch. Their menu has a variety of items other than burgers: Grilled Cheese, Hot Dog, The Moo Dog- one hot dog add chili, and of course, some hand cut French Fries as well as Veggie Burgers. I decided that a bit more fuel was in order given the length of the anticipated day, so a Moo Burger with bacon and cheese and an order of their delicious, fresh, crisp hand cut fries were my choices. We left satisfied and fueled for the day, one that took us from boat launch to marina, through numerous heron sightings, and one insect sting…OUCH! The discovery of a loon and a beautiful green heron rounded out our day as nature gave us her very best. After the discovery an amazing array of flora as identified by one of our merry band of paddlers in some of the more remote sections of the lake, we determined that it was only fitting to finish out a day of laughter and camaraderie with a trip to OwowCow.

OwowCow creamery is just a short trip down the road from Moo. Located at 4105 Durham Road in Ottsville, their claim to fame is hand made, fresh ice cream that takes full advantage of local orchards, farms and farm markets. One fine example served early in July is their Black Raspberry ice cream made from ingredients from Trauger’s Farm Market located on 611 South. As with Moo, they believe in supporting local farms in the Bucks County area, a practice that allows the ice cream and sorbets created to truly be an example of what local ingredients can do to refresh the spirit and the sweet tooth while allowing for the flavors of the area farms and orchards growing season’s to take center stage.

In August you can find a delicious White Peach ice cream with peaches from Bechdolt Orchards, perfect on its own or served over a fresh piece of pie from None Such Farm. Perhaps you are looking for something with a bold flavor combination such as their Lime Cilantro ice cream or a Cucumber Sorbet made from None Such Farm’s cucumbers. Nothing it seems is off limits in terms of produce or flavors and OwowCow has some creative combinations available. If herbs or citrus are what you are seeking, Honey Lavender ice cream, Lemon Verbena and Blood Orange are available for those who love to immerse themselves in the flavors of summer. On this particular Sunday the choice was a bold two scoop combination on a traditional sugar cone, one scoop of Cinnamon Bourbon ice cream and one scoop of Maple Walnut ice cream. The flecks of Cinnamon visible in this little treat, the combination of the two flavors blended in a way that was reminiscent of a warm piece of French toast made from the fluffiest of breads. Sugar cones come in plain, chocolate dipped and dipped with sprinkles (or jimmies depending on where you are from) or if you wish to skip the cone a variety of serving sized bowls are available as options. A showcase provides customers with the option of taking some of their current small batch offerings home as well as some very tempting looking ice cream sandwiches. There is something for everyone at OwowCow from Mint Chocolate Chip made with fresh mint to more traditional flavors such as a classic pistachio.

On the next weekend day that you find yourself with a little time on your hands, take a drive down 611 South. Whether you find yourself at Ringing Rocks State Park or have a day of play planned on or near Lake Nockamixon, set aside some time for a stop by for a treat at OwowCow or head a little further south for some lunch at Moo. You won’t be disappointed by either experience.

As always, enjoy

Update: Since the writing of this piece, Evan, the owner of Moo, has made the difficult decision to focus his efforts on his location in New Hope and the Moo Truck.. He and Moo will be missed by those of us who frequent Lake Nockamixon.

Moo is located at 137 S.. Main Street, New Hope, Pa

OwowCow is located at 4105 Durham Rd. Ottsville, Pa

*OwowCow is a cash only operation.

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