Fair is fair

A society that devalues half of its population based on gender is a society that is, at the very least, only living up to half of its potential. At its very worst, it is engaging in an act of discrimination based solely on patriarchical grounds. It is an act that affronts equality, liberty and justice; premises this county was built upon.

High-mindedness aside, women are the unsung heroes of our society. In all of my activities involving community development, it’s been the women who have carried the lion share of the effort. Men may sign things to allow things to happen, but that ink would be meaningless without the effort required to bring those things to fruition.

What we refer to as the ‘fairer sex” are really our mothers, wives, sisters and friends. They give birth. They nurture. They love. In the life I’ve lived. I owe a lot of who I am to women…

and I’m thankful for that.

Anthony J. Marraccini

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