Never “Again”

Genocide. It’s a word that shouldn’t exist in a civilized culture filled with compassionate human beings. Yet it does. Our history is filled with countless examples of it’s application aptly applied to those very same humans. Sectarian differences breed contempt and apathy towards those seen as “Others.” Indifference allows a blind eye to prevail when those differences boil over into violence; violence that spreads to mass murder. No excuses can erase the stain, though time can diffuse it’s impact on our collective history. “ Never forget” and “ Never again” turn into “I didn’t know” and “Not again?”

As humanity advances, it still remains the same; retreating to divisiveness disguised as self-preservation. Geopolitical stalemates. Religious conflicts. Proxy wars. Famine. Environmental degradations. Nuclear arsenals. Suicide bombers…for what? Is there any commodity, any possession, any God worth so much that humanity will use any means necessary, at any cost to gain the upper hand? Is it hate? Is it greed? How do we, the supposed highest beings on this planet, rationalize the mass killing of others as a means to an end?

Many feel we are living on the precipice of yet another global conflict, and that may well be true, but if that is the case, it didn’t happen by accident, and it didn’t have to be the only end result. It will be because people lead it to that end.

Anthony J. Marraccini

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